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God will bring the rain…..lets use it!

Living Water Industries has a passion for God’s gift of rainwater and his directive to have gardens. As a company we are committed to assisting our clients achieve health, freedom from GMO’s and chemicals, and overall independence from a societal system that is very fragile. We provide seamless gutters, drainage systems, rainwater harvesting, and the most amazing gardens. Let us help you achieve a higher level of sustainability and reliance on God’s for provision and health! 

Our water tanks were installed a month or so ago. Can’t wait for the monsoon rains that will be used to water our yard throughout the year. Thankful we were referred to Dan to get us started on our water harvesting journey.

Carrie Bottger

So completely thrilled with the great job they did installing gutters and rain harvesting tanks. They are professional, friendly, so willing to share their vast knowledge and help us learn. They truly care about what they do and the people they help.

Nanette Odell

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